“Both Virr and Adamson gave tight physical performances” ***** The Skinny, Poggle, 2018


"Virr steals the show in an agile performance that spices bright attraction with a touch of danger", **** Donald Hutera, The Times, Tiger/Tiger Tale, 2014


“Synchronisation is exquisite throughout and dancers Jade Adamson, Kai-Wen Chuang and Vince Virr gave an outstanding individual as well as ensemble performance” *****, Dublin Examiner, Tiger/Tiger Tale, 2015


“Virr brings the Tiger into vivid, pulsating life, engaging with the audience as he steps outside the bars”, **** Thom Dibdin, The Stage, Tiger/Tiger Tale, 2013  


"Vince Virr's interactions with the audience are a multi-sensory delight" **** Lucy Ribchester, 2014


"The performers (Virr in particular) enjoy an effortless rapport with their young audience", **** Allan Radcliffe, The Times, Poggle, 2015,


“Virr’s mysterious, feral presence unlocked a united joy….the dancers gave high-octane performances, making the thrilling complexities of choreography, look effortless” **** Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland, 2013